Christine David Founder

Christine started the club in 2008 to connect some basketballers and play! She is passionate about health, community & the environment and has a background in marketing, property and events. She is still one of the smallest players in the club at 5 foot nothing! 


Michael Pollitt Club Faciliator

Michael is a former state representative referee, coach, and player - he is passionate about helping everyone around him be a better player. Michael spent ten years in London working with new technology startups and playing guitar -  he loves his bluesy rock and funky old soul. When he is not on court he is usually out playing gigs with his own bands or sometimes with Kate Ceberano!


Yiwui Yeo

Club Club Facilitator

Yiwui is our resident basketball coach, having coached at school, club and rep level. His passions are burgers, dumplings and recreating movie scenes. He is one of the more quieter members of the team but don't let that fool you, he's always working in the background to create better team work, recognising peoples strengths to make the game more fun for everyone. He is also easily bribed with food!


James McLean Club Facilitator

James is a new addition to the Playfit team. He studied acting at university for four years so by his own reckoning he is "fully qualified to work in hospitality". In his spare time he enjoys writing and performing, prospecting for delicious burgers, and ponderously wondering exactly how he would handle any rapture-like event.. "probably with a great deal of panic" we are assured. He is also an unpaid housekeeper for a cat and owns several dead plants. On court James can usually be found behind the three-point line with an expectant look on his face.

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Naomi Goldman 




Naomi is a kick ass club administrator who has a reputation for getting things done. being hard but fair. She does not enjoy playing basketball.