Do I need to wear a uniform?

You can wear whatever colour clothing you like but Jerseys are not supplied

You will need to either bring your own reversible blue/white jersey, OR

bring both your own blue Tshirt AND a white Tshirt (90% solid colour - and you must bring both colours), OR

you can buy a jersey from us here:

To make it easy for everyone we have 3 options for all our members to choose from:

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.29.28 pm.png

1. Buy one of our existing used jerseys - $5.00 (NOTE: only Xtra Small sizes left!)

2. Buy a new plain reversible jersey - $45.00

3. Buy an NBA-quality Customised Playfit Branded reversible jersey, with your own name and number - $70.00

We will be placing orders periodically so get your orders for jerseys in asap. Click here to choose which option suites you best.

You can bring you own blue and white jersey(s) if you wish so long as the colours are very clear and are not confusing. You must bring both your own blue Tshirt AND a white Tshirt (90% solid colour - and you must bring both colours).

Please note players who turn up to games without a reversible jersey will need to purchase a second hand jersey prior to the game for $5.00. 

How do I join?

STEP 1: Find out which sessions currently have space for an extra player. You can Check Availability here

STEP 2: Book in for a Trial Game.

STEP 3: Once you've played your trial game and have a good attitude on and off court, you are welcome to join. We will hold the spot for you for 24 hours, after 24 hours the spot will be released to the public.   

Can I join as an individual or with a friend? 

Yes absolutely! As long as we have availability will do our best to get you in. In the case we do not have availability we can put you on our waitlist & notify you when a spot opens up. 

Do you play indoors?

Yes absolutely, Melbourne weather is a little too crazy for outdoors. 

Can I try it out before joining?

Yes, absolutely. The first game is always a trial game so you can see if it is a good fit for you and we can see if you are a good fit for the club. As long as you play in a safe manner, don't take the game too seriously, and respect the other players on and off court you are welcome to join! 

How does it work?

Once you're a member it is like being back in high school where you just get to turn up and play at the same time & venue each week!

One membership entitles you to one game per week (i.e Thursdays 6:30 pm each week). Two membership = 2 games per week. Playfit Perk - it is free to fill in for other games.

We do the organising and set up the teams each week, before the session begins we'll let you know which team you are on and your all set to play ball! We call the subs, ensure the game flows well and also supply the reversible coloured jerseys! 

What if I can't make a game? 

Players need to turn up to at least 70% of games measured over 90 days. If you cannot make a game you will need to let the club know asap so we can organise a fill in if need be (ideally more than 24 hours notice). You can text the club on 0481871359 or fill our our absent form here. Late cancellation fees apply to players who give the club less than 7 hours notice or no show. Playfit Perk - It's free to fill-in for other games.  

Can I fill in for other sessions?

Yes, especially if you make the game more fun for everyone. Plus it's free to fill-in.

Are all games mixed? 

Yes, all our games are co-ed/mixed. 

Are men allowed in the key?

Yes more fun that way!

Do you play zone or man-on-man defence?

We play zone defence.

Can I wear glasses & jewellery on court?

No, you can however wear sport goggles. Jewellery of any kind (including earrings, necklaces, watches etc.) are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. We also ask that you cut your nails prior to coming to your session, but if you forget we'll have nail clippers on site you can use.

Do you play on public Holidays?

There are no games on public holidays.... these are "BYE" games. Click here to see our BYE game schedule.

Can I play in more than 1 session per week?

Yes. Please note additional fees apply (i.e if you are booked into a Monday session = 1 membership if you are booked into a Monday session & Thursday session = 2 memberships. This is to cover game fees.)  

What makes us different?

PlayFit is a mixed social comp which is all about keeping fit and having fun rather than pure competition. Of course we like to compete but we work really hard to ensure all our members have a great attitude and look after each other. This really sets us apart from standard competitive comps. 

Where do you play?

We play Mondays and Thursdays at our St Kilda Venue and Sundays at Wesley College St Kilda Rd.  

What is expected of me if I want to play?

We work really hard to make Playfit a great place to play for everyone so we expect you will:

  1. Have a strong grasp of the rules before you begin (see video);

  2. Know how to play a zone defence;

  3. Be an unselfish team player;

  4. Not endanger yourselves or other players with wild uncontrolled play;

  5. Have very high standards of sportsmanship;

  6. Be on-time for all games;

  7. Communicate well with the club and all members; and

  8. Have a great attitude on and off court.

What are the steps to join?

STEP 1: Check Availability here. We'll get back to you on current available spots or put you on our waitlist list.

STEP 2: Book in for a Trial Game, you'll need to get to the stadium 20 min early so we can set you up for your first game at Playfit. 

STEP 3: Once you've played your trial game and you have a good attitude on and off court, you are welcome to join. We will hold that spot for you for 24 hours, after 24 hours the spot will be released to the public.  

Can I join if I have never played basketball before?

Unfortunately we can only cater for people who know how to play basketball, people who know the rules & how to play safely with others. We have previously welcomed players who have never played and it has impacted all the other people in the session as we need to stop and start the game too often. If you are super keen and would like to take on a private coach to learn how to play basketball, get in touch. 

Do you provide coaching?

Yes we have a resident coach on staff so if you'd like to get private coaching shoot us an email or book in here. We also have annual skills workshops, book in here.

Can I bring my partner or friends to social events? 

Yes of course! The more the merrier! 

Can I bring my dog to the stadium?

St Kilda Rd Stadium - NO

Inkerman St, St Kilda Stadium - Yes

Does Playfit have an “Extreme Heat Cancellation” Policy?

YES - Player safety is our #1 concern.

If the Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) real-time radar reaches, or is forecast to reach, 39 degrees Celcius sessions will be cancelled. Players will be notified by text that sessions have been cancelled with as much notice as possible.

Sessions will run as normal unless advised otherwise. A time out will be called every 10 min to provide extra breaks for players to keep hydrated.


Do all memberships Auto - Renew for next season?

Yes. 95% of our members continue to the following season so we have set things up to simply auto-renew. If you wish to cancel your membership it is your responsibility to let us know. If you are on a Weekly Membership you need to give the club 14 days notice to leave, if you are on a Season or Yearly Membership you have within 7 days of the last game of the season to give the club notice. Season and Yearly Memberships are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances. Just email info@playfit.com.au 

Do I still pay for games I can't make?

Yes your membership reserves the spot in your session and we are unable to give your spot to someone else for games you cannot make. It is free to fill in for other games though. 

Your membership reserves the spot in your session, if you are unable to make it we provide the service of finding a fill-in for you. 

As a community club, Playfit is run exclusively to benefit members and all membership fees go to covering club overheads. We are non profit making! 

Allowing players to drop in and out would make it impossible for the club to continue to operate financially. 

Our overheads include:

Facilities Hire
Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance
Sports Insurance
First Aid training, certification, and equipment
Membership billing and management for the 150+ members
The cost of managing correspondence, new and existing membership enquiries
In order to cover these obligations we operate a fixed membership model which enables us to continue running the club. 

Do I still pay for Bye games? 

No way hosay! 

Sports Insurance

Every member must have sports insurance $20 per player per season. If you join within the last 4 weeks of the season your sports insurance will roll-over to the following season. 

Late Game Cancellation or No Show Policy

Players must give the club at least 24 hours notice if they can't make it, players who provide less than 7 hours notice or "no show" will incur a fee of $10.00 as their non-attendance impacts the entire group. If there is a consistent pattern of no-shows or late cancellation it may result in termination or suspension of your membership.

Please be mindful if you can't make it to a game you need to notify the club via our website, text 0481071359 or email info@playfit.com.au at least 7 hours prior to your session start time without penalty. Cancellations will not be accepted via facebook or emails to other staff members.

How do I cancel my membership? Email info@playfit.com.au

Weekly Membership - You need to give the club at least 14 days written notice to cancel your membership. 
Season Membership - Please note this membership is non-refundable, however if you need to cancel for the following season, you will need to give the club written notice before the last game of the season. 
Yearly Membership - Please note this membership is non-refundable, however if you need to cancel for the following year, you will need to give the club written notice before the last game of the season.